Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I am an instructional assistant or a Para as some call the position. 
I help in classes, I help with medical needs, and I do reading intervention with groups in the afternoon. I get paid for 6.5 hours at school. This is my 7th year of doing reading intervention. I research resources at home. I print manipulatives at home. I cut out and organize things at home. I've bought resources at the teacher store and from the regular stores out of my own pocket. Pencils, crayons, markers, homemade playdough, paper. All me. Things that I need to make copies of and laminaton I do at school with school resources. 

Sometimes I have a hard time being motivated to work for free from home.

We had a snow day Monday and I had a planned personal day today because my older son had an eye doctor appointment and my husband was going to be in Indy and couldn't take him. I had such a wonderful time with older son today. But now I am thinking of doing the usual with my reading groups tomorrow instead of trying to find something new. I feel I should be looking for something new but it is amazing the variety of Nothing I can do while avoiding what I don't want to do. 

The variety of Nothing I can waste my time doing while I should be working on lesson plans. 

Checking e-mail for school and home
Checking Facebook, twitter, and Instagram
Making popcorn
Eating popcorn
reading some blogs
playing Inside Out Thought Bubbles
reading a few pages of a couple of books I got from the book store today
cleaning the kitchen
watching the voice
texting my husband and also my best friend
researching Woody's Carnegie Library where my husband stopped for 
       dinner which led to researching if there were any other libraries
       in Indiana that are restaurants. (One other but is too far away. 3 
       also private residences. lucky ducks.  Indiana also had the most Carnegie Libraries)
Reading Slices
And writing my Slice for the day is my final act of avoidance

And now that my Slice is done, I think I will work on my Ancestry tree until I go to bed. 

Looks like tomorrow will just be the phonics readers I assembled for first grade. Guided reading from the sight word books I assembled for Kindergarten. And Syllabication work from the binders I put together for my 2nd graders. 

So I guess I accomplished lesson planning after all. 

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