Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tarzan Couldn't Stand This Kind of Hot

Heat advisories for several days have me grateful for air conditioning. 
I'll admit it... I'm spoiled. 

Growing up in Northern Indiana, we did not have air conditioning. 
We had a huge exhaust fan upstairs that supposedly drew heat out of the house. 
We had a box fan in the living room to circulate air. 
We had windows that stayed open unless it rained. 
And we had our very own, "slammin' screen door. 

Even if we had been allowed to be in the house, we would have gone outside. 
Outside we had a hose and the water was cold. 
Outside you could feel the wind on your face as you rode your bike.
Outside the streets flooded every time it rained and cars would drive by and splash us sometimes if we asked them to.
Outside is where we ate Popsicles. 
Outside is where our neighborhood friends were because they too were kicked out of their houses. 
Outside is where the beach was and where every now and then, Mom would take us after dinner. The smell of vinyl from the blow-up raft, the squeals of "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch" as bare feet skip hopped across a hot parking lot and burning sand, and finally the feel of tepid water warmed by a day of sun made this the best outside of all. 

Today we have air.
And we have ceiling fans. 
We live in the country on a highway so bike rides are not as easily achieved.
The lake in this town is a home to geese and, though people do swim in it, we do not. 
The hose is not as fun, when it is just you and your brother. 

Now that I think about it, I must rephrase my opening statement...

I admit it... I was a spoiled child. 

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