Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thankful Day 8

I have kids in one of my reading groups that really want to read. The teacher they had last year did not and is not one who inspires learning. The teacher they have this year is so supportive and helpful. They listen to our coaching and try our suggestions and they are doing so well!

Today one child read a page of Three Cheers for Tacky that had so many challenging words. He never gave up. He proceeded with strategies we have worked on. I could cry. I am so proud of him and the others in this group.

I have a rule that no one is allowed to "help" when someone reaches a challenge. Individuals need the time to think and practice skills and these kids give each other that time. I could not love my time with these kids more.

Today I am thankful for breakthroughs and kids who try. God bless the kids who try!

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