Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Day 10

I'm realizing as the month goes on that it is hard some days to come up with something significant.

Today was a good day. We practiced our first evacuation drill and it went incredibly well.

Of course an hour out of the day first thing in the morning kind of set the tone for the rest of the day.

I'm thankful the ground was dry or frozen and not muddy.

Although we pray we never have to make practice a reality, I am thankful we practice.

We are starting to use elements of ALICE in regards to lock downs and for that I am thankful. I hated when we first started lock downs and had kids "shelter" quietly in a dark room. The young ones didn't understand and were scared. The older ones found it ridiculous.

We are learning and practicing other options and it has helped. While I hate hearing kindergartners speak of "bad guys" so matter of factly, they aren't really scared any more. The older kids have options no matter what the situation and that gives them power.

I hate lock downs and I hate even more that it is necessary to have them. But, I am thankful we are now being taught we don't have to be sitting ducks. In a world where people think violence is a valid way of solving disagreements, I am thankful we are being given options.

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