Sunday, March 19, 2017

How do you tell the story

How do you go about writing your family story?

I am lucky. My parents were married for nearly 60 years. Hubby's parents have been married for more than 50 years. In the direct line their aren't any divorces.


But how do you tell the story?

I have parents, grand-parents, great-grandparents, and some further.

I have some pictures. I have Ancestry documents. I have bits and pieces of stories.

How do you tell the story?

I have people with technology access. I have people with access but no idea how it would work. I have people who would require a hard copy.

How do you tell the story?

A family tree with hyper links?
A reverse-o book that tells male and female from different directions?
A straight forward now to then format?
A start from the first known on down?

How do you tell the story?

I am watching "Who Do You Think You Are" and they related a quote, "The things the father wishes to forget, the grandson wishes to remember." I am learning stories from newspapers that my family never knew. So much I wish to know.

How do you find the stories that make people real when the people who know are all gone?

How do you tell your story?

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  1. Just tell yours, listen to everyone"s... and write them down record them. Time goes by so fast, it is easy for the stories to get lost.