Monday, March 6, 2017

The Blank Page Questions

Is it enough to put words on a page? 

When you consider audience, should you have a common thread that keeps readers coming back? The people I read do have a common thread or theme that makes me want to hear what they say.

 That's what I think about when I sit down to write each day. 

Why would anyone want to read about my family game night one day and my quest for pictures of sandhill cranes landing by a pond the next and my genealogy find a third day? 

The blogs I frequent, in addition to a common theme are well written. The ability to write well comes with practice but few people can master all genres equally. Do I pick a form and hone that? Do I use March to experiment and find my genre niche or do I have a blog to play form and genre? 

What is the point and purpose of having a blog? Is it a diary or a letter or are my posts musings or ideas in search of an audience?

I don't know. And that is why I post late every day. And why after March my postings drop dramatically. Why do I even have a blog? 

I need to figure this out. 
Another blank page awaits tomorrow.

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  1. I think there might be another Ed Sheeran song somewhere in this post. :-)