Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Inside recess again

North Eastern Indiana
We have had to stay in for recess due to:

Cold temperatures: +15 wind chill is the  minimum and it gets colder than that often especially since our school occupies what used to be a corn field.

Ice: Not often but there are times it isn't with the salt and sand.

Rain: I actually accept this as a legitimate reason to stay in.

Today we added a new reason.

Wind: It was gorgeous looking outside but the office deemed the wind too strong. To be fair, we did lose power because somewhere a tree fell on a power line. But I still would have loved to see the Ks running out their Wild in the wild, wild wind.

So, I guess wind is on the list of things that ruin recess. And next week the cold returns.

Wish we had that retractable dome playground. 😆

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