Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shopping- A "short" moment in time

I forgot she was the cashier I want to avoid.

She is the one better suited to "Greeter".
She takes forever to scan.
She talks forever to the people she knows.
She picks and chooses which items she wants to scan, even though I arrange them in categories. Because of this, the belt does not advance and I have to wait to put more items on the belt.

I forgot I didn't like her lane until I had things on the belt.
The conversation with the person in front of me was about selling your house "as is" because you can't get back the money you put into it. And how their kids are doing. And the great grandkids.

When it was finally my turn, she slowly scanned the items. Didn't advance the belt. And she wasn't able to to lift the water bottles, case of Coke, or kitty litter at the end, so she walked around the counter. I usually lift these items to be scanned, but thought this would be faster.
Not so much.

Finally, it was time to pay.
Or I tried as I always have --when swiping was allowed...
I tried while she was scanning.
You see, a new bank card was sent to me because apparently the chip is better.
 I have activated it and used it other places.

 I inserted it. Error. And the second time I got an Error. Swiping didn't work either. I tried my regular credit card with the same result. She came around and tried. Then she said I had to wait until she finished scanning before using it. She continued to pick
 and choose

 and scan.

Finally she was done and I tried again. Same result. Another cashier who was setting up at the next register came and tried with the same no result.
And again.

 She asked my cashier if she had my total up. My lady said she didn't know where she was in the process. She hit a couple of buttons and the total appeared again. The Second cashier tried chip again. And again. And swiped
and Ta Dah!
It worked.

I got my receipt and I left to the torrential downpour that had been falling all morning, and that would continue to fall all day, thinking "if I won the lottery we don't play...

I would so hire a personal shopper!"


  1. I'm sorry this check out didn't go as planned or very quickly. Our grocery stores have recently started where you can send in your list and they do have people do the shopping for you. You just pull up and they bring it out to your car. Maybe you can suggest this.

  2. I think I saw this same thing happen in a Tim Conway skit way back in the 20th century. :-)