Monday, March 27, 2017

If only

Youngest and I were "kickin' it old school" today. He got to experience the joys of microfilm.

I have to say I am grateful old newspapers have been saved. It is fascinating to see how they have evolved over time. And if they hadn't been preserved, I never would have known my great great grandmother supposedly set the family barn on fire. Or that, according to the article printed, insanity runs in the family. 🙂

But technology has spoiled me. Since holding the actual paper isn't possible, I would like to read it on my computer screen that I can manipulate size and contrast easily. I want to scroll with a little mouse wheel and not a button that advances too fast or too slow or in movements that are too jerky.

I would love if someone would digitize those old 35mm film reels. How hard can it be? I

I know some people have digitized their papers. Why can't the papers I need be digitized?

I want to know who the 15 year old daughter was that drug great great grandma away from the flames, because I do not have a great aunt who would have been that age.
I want to know if and when they rebuilt the barn.
I want to peruse the happenings in their little hamlet of Tracy.

And I can't do that at a computer screen, that is showing 35mm images, of 130 year old newspapers, that are located only in a filing cabinet, 2 hours from my couch.

And while I'm at it, let's not forget Ctrl F where I can simply type in the name I'm looking for and have every occurance highlighted so I can easily skip to them?

Old school is tedius!
Boy am I spoiled! 😀

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