Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is the search that never ends...

I have been scanning photos this rainy Sunday. Photos of my ancestors. It is so interesting to start to recognize faces and places -- it almost starts to feel like I know them somehow. Over the two weeks I plan to do some library research. I hope to find deeds or some other proof that will link my Great-Great Grandfather to who I believe his brothers were. 

I want to know if there was a plea put out by the church to take in my great grandmother and her older siblings after their father died. 

I want to know if there was an announcement of my great grandparents wedding to go with the photos someone sent me. 

I want to find out if my great aunt married the pastor or if he was just a student who then married my great aunt. And if the announcement they were moving to Kansas was in the paper. 

And I am hoping my son can find the story of the star that fell in my grandmother's yard in 1920. We have a tiny ring box with pieces from the star and a piece of tape with the date 1920 on it. It was a show and tell item every year. I'd like to know if it was big news or not. If possible.

Detective work awaits and I have 14 day to find out all I can. Until summer of course when I'll have 8 weeks. And then Christmas ....  :-) 

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  1. Wow! What an interesting project. You have so many pieces of the puzzle, but so many connecting pieces are missing. Good luck with your search. Do you plan to publish what you find? I'd love to read about that.